Welcome to our new site! Yogurtiamo frozen yogurt & soft-serve gelato

As an extension of G.S. Gelato, the same company that has produced exquisite, authentic gelato and sorbetto for over 17 years, Yogurtiamo is a statement of quality and excellence. Our knowledge and expertise, combined with our reputation for producing high quality products, creates a frozen yogurt that is unmatched in today’s industry.

The Yogurtiamo Difference Soft Serve Yogurt

We produce Artisan Yogurt, ready-to-pour.

Are there other liquid frozen yogurt mixes on the market? Of course! Our aim is not to be the biggest, but we strive to be the absolute best; setting a standard of quality you cannot find with any other manufacturer. Artisan products can not be made with mass production. The personal touch and attention to detail can sometimes be overlooked.

We take pride in using only the purest of ingredients, from the finest resources around the world. We use REAL fruit and never use artificial flavors, colors or aromas.

Belgian Chocolate frozen yogurt, made from fine cocoa imported from the Netherlands

Blood Orange soft-serve sorbet, made using real Blood Orange Juice, imported from Italy.

Our product is naturally smooth and velvety, without adding whey, starches or fillers. In order to maintain high culture counts we add real nonfat plain yogurt to it.

Yogurtiamo allows you to use a product that is made in the same way you would make it in your own shop. We have created an artisan yogurt that takes out the guess work, labor and overhead without sacrificing quality taste or consistency. 

Yogurtiamo is also the first to introduce soft serve gelato and sorbet in an assortment of flavors!

From the creation of our personalized ingredient base to the use of the finest equipment, recipes and fresh fruits; every step of the production is overseen by the owners to ensure the results of unparalleled quality.

Our state-of-the-art facility holds one of the most prestigious total quality certifications (SQF 2000 – Level 3), which allows us to guarantee total safety and consistent quality. Our 17 years of experience in the frozen dessert industry with G.S. Gelato, have given us the ability and experience to flawlessly manage national production and distribution.


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