Be Live and Active

Yogurtiamo ProbioticsProbiotics are beneficial organisms, made largely of species and subspecies
of bacteria, as well as one species of yeast, Saccharomyces.

However, not all live cultures are probiotic, and the terms “live cultures” (i.e., live bacteria cultures), “active cultures” and “probiotic” don’t necessarily mean the same thing. To be probiotic, the bacteria must not be merely alive, but also in a sufficient concentration to be probiotic, i.e. beneficial for the body.

Yogurt is the most famous carrier food of probiotics, the good bacteria found in our bodies. Probiotics is a new buzzword emerging from the world of natural health and now making its way into the mainstream.

The word itself literally means pro life,” and refers to the friendly bacteria that live in the human body. In the case of yogurt it is simply the live and active cultures that are added to the pasteurized milk that are considered probiotics.