How to make the perfect smoothie!

How to make the perfect smoothie….use frozen yogurt to add probiotics or use soft-serve gelato or soft-serve sorbet (only available from Yogurtiamo) to make it creamy and delicious!

Smoothies are an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants. Here are some tips on making the perfect smoothie:

1. Use 2 or more fruits or vegetables to get a range of benefits

2. Add water, juice, green tea, or milk to compliment the fruits & vegetables and create the proper consistency of your smoothie

3. Add nutrition and creaminess with frozen or refrigerated yogurt, soft serve gelato, or soft serve sorbet

4. Vanilla (extract), Cinnamon, or Honey make great additions for extra flavor

5. Healthy additives, such as vitamin or protein powders or fish oil,  and superfoods, like goji or acai berries, add more benefits to create your perfect smoothie!

Check out this great infographic for more suggestions and some great smoothie recipes!

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