Private Label Program

Yogurtiamo GallonLet us help you grow your category with all natural, artisan frozen yogurt, soft serve gelato and sorbet!

Yogurtiamo can help launch your own line of artisan frozen yogurt, offering a fresh experience to your customers they won’t forget! We offer complete private-label and co-packaging products and services for our award winning gelato and sorbet. With over 17 years in expertise, we offer knowledge and assistance to help your product line off the ground, utilizing our close relationships with suppliers and distributors.

Did you know that nearly 90% of households in the US consume ice cream and related frozen desserts? Reduced-fat, light, low-fat, and nonfat ice cream account for over 25% of the market. We can help you give your customers a quality, healthful treat while gaining customer loyalty for your brand.

Why Private Label?

  • Increased profit margin
  • Gained customer loyalty and commitment
  • Complete control of your brand and promotions
  • Ability to tailor promotions to fit YOUR customers

How Can Yogurtiamo Benefit You?

  • Customized packaging- a variety of sizing options available!
  • Custom flavor options
  • Total Quality Control and complete production capabilities
  • Assistance in logistics and distribution
  • Marketing & Graphics Support

For more information on private label or copacking, please visit our Contact Us page. We welcome the opportunity to personally explain the process and work together to find the best solution for you.

For a complete overview of our flavor availability, click here.