Who We Are

Yogurtiamo is the premier liquid frozen yogurt manufacturer.

The development of Yogurtiamo has stemmed from the desire and necessity to offer to all yogurt lovers the most artisan product. A dance for your body, a feast for your taste buds! Is it possible that all this goodness, also delivers you the added benefits of being non or low fat and containing beneficial live and active yogurt cultures?

Absolutely, yes!

Just enjoy pure frozen yogurt bliss… Yogurtiamo… like no other.

Our History.

Yogurtiamo is an extension of G.S. Gelato, the same company that has produced exquisite, authentic, artisan gelato and sorbetto for 18 years and is currently distributed nationwide.

Our knowledge and expertise, combined with our reputation for producing high-quality products ensures that you will get cultured with Yogurtiamo.

Our Culture.

For years, we have dedicated ourselves to producing everything with love. When we saw a need for pure ready-to-pour frozen yogurt, Yogurtiamo was born. Tiamo, in Italian, literally translates to “I love you.” Yogurtiamo then means “Yogurt, I love you.”

The word together also can translate to “let’s yogurt” as it resembles the Italian word mangiamo which means “let’s eat.”

Our Process.

From the creation of our personalized ingredient base to the use of the finest equipment, recipes and fresh fruits; every step of the production is overseen by the owners to ensure the results of unparalleled quality.

Our state-of-the-art facility holds one of the most prestigious total quality certifications (SQF 2000 – Level 3), which allows us to guarantee total safety and consistent quality. Our 18 years of experience in the frozen dessert industry with G.S. Gelato, have given us the ability and experience to flawlessly manage national production and distribution.